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PC freezing with loud beeping sound, needs restart... faulty GPU?

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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm having a problem with my PC. I recently got a 2nd hand Palit GTX 580 which I'm using right now and I'm suspecting that it's causing the problem. Anyway, when I'm playing games like Far Cry 3 or Bioshock Infinite, after around 30 mins to 1 hour, the PC would suddenly freeze with a loud beep/screech sound (one loud single continuous beep/screech). I haven't been able to notice whether the sound is coming from the speakers or from the internal components of the PC but I suspect it's from inside the PC (not speakers).

- CPU temps are all ok, never gets past 65C.
- GPU temps are also ok. Temps are 70-75C, never goes past 80C.

I've tried troubleshooting the PC and I can't figure out the problem. Before the GTX 580, I was running an Asus GTX 570 and never had this issue.

So far I've tried the following, all of which did not resolve the issue:
1. I took out the sound card to see if it's my soundcard that's overheating - problem is still there
2. Added cooling to the GPU (I added some ram sinks, configured the auto-fan settings to have a higher fan curve via EVGA Precision and a side fan blowing cool air on the GPU - problem is still there
3. Latest Nvidia drivers 327.23
4. Before I installed the GTX 580, I cleaned out the old drivers of the GTX 570, used Driver sweeper + CCleaner - problem is still there

Anyway, could this be due to a faulty GPU? Or is there something else I haven't discovered? Note that my PC was running 100% no hiccups prior to replacing my GTX 570 with the GTX 580. These random freezes during gaming only happened after I replaced my GTX 570.

Hope someone could share their thoughts. I'm getting annoyed! I can't play and I keep having to restart the PC due to the freezing.
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I think you already know your answer. You received a second hand GPU from someone (either for free or you bought it), and now its suddenly causing problems in your computer that didn't exist there before (and the problems are GPU related). If you want to make the acquirement of the GPU in your favor. I would put the 570 back in, and RMA the old card.


"If product is sent back due to defective and is (two years warranty from date of purchase on or after June 1st 2010 and 1 year if before June 1st 2010) but is discontinued or no longer available, then Palit will provide replacement equal (by performance) or greater (by performance)."

Looks like that could go in your favor.
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