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Trying to overclock this card in the past and been only able to get it around 1050/1550. Trying to make another run at it. Noticed what really helps performance in games is the increase in core clocks. The voltage reads 1.293 when i set it to 1.3, which is fine. I force constant voltage to see this and run a stability test with furmark and the voltage drops from 1.293 to around 1.2. Seems like a huge drop to me, but maybe its normal. Using Sapphire Trixx and disabled ULPS from advise from others. Is there anyway to manage this vdrop. Temperatures are not a problem since this is the dualx cooler version

Overclocked the memory to 1800 stable so far. Ran Furmark for 20min with no problems and 3dmark11.

Not sure if i should have posted this in the "ATI Drivers and Overclocking Software"
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