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Vcore problems on X79-up4/3930k

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I've been overclocking my 3930k for the past couple of days and when I raise the vcore to 1.35 in bios it doesn't move in HWMonitor. HWMonitor says vcore is the same as it was when I had 1.32 in bios... Same thing happens when I turn it up to 1.36, doesn't move in HWMonitor. I'm currently up to 4.4ghz stable with 1.31 but it hasn't touched 65c in prime95 so I know I could put some more volts into it... IF IT LET ME. Do you think this is a psu problem, BIOS problem?

Help please.

Gigabyte X79-UP4 motherboard
Intel 3930k @ 4.4ghz
MSI Twin Frozr 7950HD @ 1.1ghz
Corsair 750W psu
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You are most likely experiencing VDROOP, which means if you are trying to achieve a specific set voltage you will have to adjust the voltage a little bit higher than what it is set exactly to because when you finally do look at the voltage via voltage monitor program like CPU-Z; VDROOP will have effected the end voltage by a decent amount - thus being lower than what you actually set it to in the bios.
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I should also mention that in HWMonitor, my 12v reads 8.832v, my 5v reads 3.387v and my 3.3v reads 2.028v... obviously this is not normal... I ordered a new PSU anyways but could this have anything to do with it??
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HWMonitor does not read voltges right, I have Corsair AX760i and the readings in HWMonitor and CorsairLink are different. In HWMonitor i get similar to your readings (+12V=8.88V, +5V=2.822 +3.3V=1.992V). In CorsairLink i get 12V=12.02V 5V=5.016V 3.3V=3.297V.
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