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Hey there, Overclockers.

For a school assignment, I was required to make a dummy's guide on how to use e-mail. I apparently failed due to 'information overload' rolleyes.gif - I got slightly carried away (it was apparently only supposed to be 500 words maximum. There's no point me 'dumming' down the document in order to acheieve a pass; at this point it's basically obsolete.

I know for most, if not all of you guys, will be familiar with an simple e-mail client such as Outlook. If you want to give this to an elderly, or just someone who isn't familliar with computers, feel free to give this to them. It'll be nice to see it have some use, and not just be deleted in frustration.

Hope this comes in use for some of you thumb.gif
P1 Dummy's e-mail.docx 260k .docx file