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UPDATE: OK I have no idea. It hasn't locked up since with the stock settings. I believe it was/is something to do with my WLAN adapter (USB). Acting a bit odd.

Weird thing is upping the multiplier to x43 is usually fine. Sometimes it runs for ages, then locks up seemingly random. I even upped the voltage +0.0400 (1.192v load) to see if it was locking due to low idle voltage.

Today completely forgot I had it on, left room, browsed Internet, went on game that requires high CPU usage. Came back out of it. Ran a virus scan, got to the end then instantly shutdown and rebooted itself.

Nothing in the event logs, nothing.

Either I have an unfortunate chip (unlikely?) or my board simply isn't equipped to deal with it (even though it has the options, 4+2 phase should be adequate).

Strange. Surely this board can't be THAT bad.
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UPDATE: Right, I'm not entirely sure this is to blame, but I'll blame it anyway tongue.gif it seems like the VRM response is a bit slower than I imagined. I see the frequency boost high but the vcore seems to stay way too low. It'll jump up to 4.0Ghz but the vcore will range from 0.888-0.892, which may be causing it to lock up.

If the mosfets aren't aggressive enough with the voltage change and there is no way to counter act the vdrop I'll have to end up feeding it more volts than necessary.

vdroop isn't too bad, quite consistent. It will spike up to 1.192v now and again

EDIT: without power features it stays around 1.192v. With light load it's around 1.168 - 1.184v

prime full load sticks at 1.152v

I'm going to leave C1E off (EIST doesn't work without it for some reason?) and see if any crashes occur. Then I'll know if this board causes a lockup when ramping up from idle or lower C-states
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UPDATE: Yeah think I am going to leave the overclock for now. Isn't even stable at 1.2v.

Probably the board. In fact, I thought I took it all off (Auto multiplier) but I forgot to take the max multiplier limits off. So today ran fro 6 hours straight whilst I was working on computer and then it froze. Thought it may be dodgy CPU unstable at stock, but looked and saw I didn't take the limits off.

Strange, Sounds like the board can't handle the current in some way.
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UPDATE: Been reinstalling Windows and noticed a new BIOS update is available, P20.2 (mine was P20. there was also P20.1).

Looks like it may have fixed some issues; CPUz is now reporting a solid 100-100.1Mhz BCLK so the thing runs at 3899mhz-3900mhz.

Looks like this board may have some sort of issue with the turbo boost on this chip as it's now turbo more aggressively. Which seems good thumb.gif
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Can anyone guide me into the 4.6 range? I feel like I should be able to push my chip to at least 4.6 with Noctua cooling; however, I am worried that I might have hit the ceiling of the chip. I tried to push the voltage to 1.4 and I still got BSOD at 4.6.... I am currently 100% stable at 4.5 after running Prime 95 for 25 hours. Temps were hitting around 80-85, so I was hoping I could push the temps to the 90s while running prime....

Any suggestions from the over clocking pros out there?

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I wouldn't feel comfortable with a chip at 90c or running at 1.4v.

Sounds like you may have hit a wall.
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