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Originally Posted by DuckieHo View Post

No..... 64-bit is a single memory address that is 64-bit long.... not 2x32.

Any 64-bit app has the ability to use more than 2/3GB... the question really is does it need to.

....I don't think you understand the purpose of memory. RAM is a place where the system can place data that it needs but not in use and cannot fit in the CPU's caches. The game will use as much as it needs. The developers may have placed a limit on it... but having more data in RAM won't make the game faster since the bottleneck is usually GPU.

You did waste $400 for 16GB of RAM if it's just for gaming.

yeh mostley gaming however once or twice a year im asked to do conceptual animations and architectural fly thrus so perhaps it will help to render those wee beasties in 3DS.
Last one i creeated took 3 days to render
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if you do any kind of professional work on your machine, then yah going 64 bit is the only way to go. as far as what ram drive software to use, there are a few out there. personally i'm use the one that comes free with ASRock mobo called xfast ram. there is an asus counterpart to it called ROG Ramdisk which is also free to download. if you dont have either brand of mobo, then you can always just google ramdisk or ramdrive and read up on the reviews of which one you want to try.

the way ramdrive works is it partition off the amount of RAM you set and make the system see it as a drive. HOWEVER, on system start up and shut down, it makes the system REALLY slow because it has to read/write the entirety of the ram drive onto HDD/SSD so you still have the data after the system is shut down. it can also flush it content to HDD on regular intervals depending on your configuration so if you had a system crash or loss of power, not all of your work is lost. (think autosave feature in games biggrin.gif ) this means it's NOT ideal to use with SSD because of the amount of write you will be doing to the SSD. however using it with HDD is also a headache during boot/shutdown because of the content read/flushing and the amount of time it takes to do so on mechanical drives.

it's a large commitment to move to a ram drive, however, it will eliminate ANY disk related lag during gaming because you are operating entirely from RAM. ultra high resolution textures? dynamic loading? zone loading? NO PROBLEMS biggrin.gif the benefits are minute comparing to SSD because SSD is already pretty quick. the difference between loading a 200mb texture file on a 500mb/s SSD vs a 4.8gb/s RAM drive is inconsequential since both are measured in fractions of a second. it will reduce some drive related stuttering depending on the game you play, but generally speaking it's not cost effective to spend so much for such small performance gain.

here is corsair's sale pitch for you to buy more of their ram for ram disk purposes biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by eAT5 View Post

i use this, not bad

Due to the 32-bit OS limitation, when users install32 gigabytes of memory into an X79 mainboard, the truth is that only 4 gigabytes is being used. The other 28 gigabytes is wasted. However, ASRock XFast RAM can fully utilize the memory space that cannot be used under 32-bit OS.*


Who mentioned 32-bit OS? The OP has a 64-bit version of Windows 7, which can address 32GB just fine.

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Psyclum ! What an awesome explanation thanks man. I will not be utilising a ram disc.
I would get the little stick oced but they don't want to go over rated 2400 not even with 1.8 volts in them. So I might try tightening the time just for kicks.
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yah aside from ramdrive, there isn't anything out there in the "consumer market" that will use the amount of RAM you currently have in your system. so as DuckeyHo said
You did waste $400 for 16GB of RAM if it's just for gaming.

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