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Hi guys! First thread ever here, if it's in the wrong area, so sorry!
Anyways, so I'm planning on building a new PC. So I was just thinking, what would you prefer (either choice will have a 1tb SSHD)

GTX 760 inno3d iChill + 128gb Plextor SSD (ssd is £99)

GTX 770 inno3d iChill + no SSD

I prefer these graphics cards, because of their exceptional cooling, and silence (also I'm going for a white theme, what can I say? I love bling wink.gif). The overall budget of the whole PC is ~£1200

Whole rig specs:

-Core i5 4670k @3.4ghz

-Storm Scout 2 Ghost White

-Asus Sabertooth z87 (would've gone with 3570k+z77 sabertooth, but z77 sabertooth is actually more expensive, which is just stupid)

-Corsair h100i

-Corsair RM 650w Power Supply (black flat full modular cables, Gold efficiency, silent)

-Avexir 16gb 1600mhz WHITE RAM

-Seagate 1tb SSHD

-Asus USB-N53 Wireless Adapter

The 16gb RAM is cheap, and I thought why not? You can never have too much RAM.