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Hi all,

I've been lurking for a long time, but first time posting.

I'm starting to put together (mentally and conceptually) my next computer build which will probably be in 6-9 month’s time.

I'm starting to get to the monitor area and like many people I’m asking myself if I want 1080p 120hz with lightboost or 1440p without lightboost.

And I asked myself the question, why can't i have both?

So I’m asking you all, if you know of a way that I could hook up 6 monitors in 2 different sets, a 3x 1440p and a 3x 1080p. They have 6 monitor stands, but these wouldn't really be usable because one set will be pretty high up.

Could you purchase 6 different monitor arms and then push 3 monitors behind and bring the other 3 monitors to the front?

I've never seen anyone do this, so I’m wondering if it's even possible. Any thoughts?