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AMD CPU overclock help

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Hello! NFTW here. im a new member. whats up community?
i have some issues i need help resolving.

OCing my phenom x4 965 3.4gz black ed.

my mobo is Asroch 970 extreme 4
Ram crucial 2X2 Gb ddr3 pc 12800
crucial 2x4 gb ddr3 c 12800

thermal take 650W PWU
corsair H80I liquid cooling

i can boot and raise my cpu Frequency and mutilier. i got it to 4.3 gz, but when i boot the processor speed says 3.4.
what happened? how can i retain my clock?

thank you
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A few things to check:

Are your settings being saved in BIOS?
Do you have any power saving (potentially downclocking) features enabled?

What are your temperatures like?
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So far when I clock in bios, if I get a clock that's unstable it will shutdown. I've had some clocks that booted. But when I checked cup z my clock speed was ,3.4
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having owned a 965 i m saying this that cpu usually maxes out at 4.2 Ghz well but it depends on chip to chip buddy

try these things too pal

update your BIOS

make sure you have all the power saving settings off

make sure you take small steps rather then directly jumping to 4.3Ghz

make sure you have your temp n volts under control i.e

temps under 60C (i did say 55C for a 24x7 overclock)
cpu vcore 1.5v
CPU-NB 1.35v if temps are ok then at max 1.4v
RAM 1.65v

make sure you have a good aftermarket cooler before you overclock n ya

try replacing the motherboard battery wink.gif

Hope that helped thumb.gif
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