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Athena 400Watt mini itx power supply

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So I'm working on new case for my mini itx computer and the only power supply type that I'll be able to fit inside is a mini itx type. However I'd like to run a gtx 670 directcu ii mini card in this machine, which according to several power supply calculators should run in at 380 watts with my i7-2600k and a couple other peripherals.

So I've got the new power supply in and I've been running some tests with my 460 and i7, and whenever I run a game the system shuts down as if it's not getting power. I suspected the power supply calculators were just not accurate and I may need to settle for a 650ti, which I'm ok with because of the size of the case I'm making.

However when I run heavy benchmarks such as the metro 2033 one I get some crackling noises out of the power supply itself, I suspect it's the capacitors charging and discharging too quickly for nominal wattage pull. But it sometimes makes this noise when the cpu is under a small load, I ran prim 95 without the gpu plugged in and heard a bit of it.

Theoretically I should be able to run a gtx 460 with my i7-2600k and asus p8z77-i deluxe board on a 400 watt power supply, but under full load this probably goes above the 400 watt load. According to nvidia however the 460 should only pull 150watts and the 2600k should only pull 150watts at stock clock.

So my question is, do you think my power supply is faulty? Should I rma for a replacement, I've heard bad feedback with athena and their power supplies, but it's the only 400 watt mini itx ps on the market right now. Or do you guys think I should switch over to a 650ti? Which Nvidia.com has listed for a 400 watt power supply.

Thanks guys!
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I'm no electronics tech and don't really know of the sound most electronics make, but since when do capacitors make sounds like that when charging and discharging? And if they're charging and discharging too quickly, given that the switching frequency isn't changing, isn't that just a roundabout way of saying that the output voltage quality isn't good because the ripple is too high? Well, that's not good for the caps and not good for the components downstream either, but there's no way you could know that without a scope.

Stock i7-2600k should be more around like 80W (possibly a bit more? maybe less?) under full CPU load. Recall that the entire chip is rated for 95W TDP, and that includes needing to cool the integrated HD 4000 that you're not using.

Anyway, if you're hearing something like crackling from the power supply that's audible over the fan, that may be something bad. Most kinds of the harmless resonant vibrations probably don't sound like crackling.

If it can deliver around 300W, the power supply should be fine. Quite possibly it's just your sample. I don't think these power supplies were any good. Which model number was it?

Something decent should be the Seasonic SS-400L1U or SS-500L1U. There are others too.
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It's anap-mfatx40. I read a good review of the p8 version on hardware secrets. I was thinking the it version would be good too. I love seaspnic and I would have gone with them but I only have enough length for a 7.5 inch power supply that has about the height and width of a mkni itx or flex power supply.

Yea I kind of figured that it was my power supply, I was sure that they didn't make noise. I can also hear a capacitor charging up on startup. I'll have to RMA this guy and fond another solution, maybe buy the p8 version.
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Oh and on side note I ran tf2 and resident evil 6 at mid range settings and they both crashed when getting into a server, and my asus board says it called the shut down because of an unstable power supply.


I looked into a bit more and found that 200watts is dedicated to all the cables accept the atx12v cable, which has it's own dedicated 200 watts, so if i can run these rails in parallel then I should be able to see some results. (not sure how at this point, would need some kind of adapters or something)

I'm still worried about the noise though, I contacted AP and waiting response from them. I'll try the parallel setup tonight.
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