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FX-6300 very high temps (+70c)

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Hello, I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to overclocking. I've been following this guide http://www.overclock.net/t/1348623/amd-bulldozer-and-piledriver-overclocking-guide-asus-motherboard to get started. Currently I'm running 4.2ghz @ 1.325v. I'm using a Hyper 212+ Evo for CPU cooler. For some reason I seem to be getting very high temperatures when stress testing. OCCT will abort once temps get past 65C, running prime95 the CPU temp went over 70C! Why is my system running so hot when I have a good CPU cooler and only a moderate OC?

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It's entirely possible that your particular chip is simply not a good overclocker. Even if a family of chips is known for having good headroom, there will always be specimens that don't go as high as the rest.

It's possible that your ambient temperatures are quite high (how hot is the room you're in, does your case have good ventilation?)

It could be that there's too much/not enough thermal paste, it hasn't had enough time to cure, or the connection between the cooler and the IHS simply isn't very good.

In short, there are lots of possible answers, some of which you can do something about, some of which you can't.
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But isn't having a "good" chip more to do with how low voltages you can use to stay stable? And having a "bad" chip would mean I need more volts to get stable at same clocks? I've seen a lot of people a running with way over 1.4v voltages and still getting lower temps using the same CPU cooler. Even people using stock cooler are getting lower temps lol.

Ambient temp is probably around 21-23C. How likely is it that the temperatures shown are wrong or at least not accurate? CPU is 14C higher than core and 40C higher than mainboard (=motherboard?). When I originally tested stability with prime95 the highest core temp went was 53C which is all right(?) (though even then CPU temp was 67C). Now with exactly same OC it goes 57C, only difference is I enabled Cool N Quiet, C1e and C6 state from bios.

The thermal paste has been there at least a month. The cooler was pretty tricky to install, moved it quite a lot so perhaps thermal paste could have been done better... How much effect do the case fans have on the CPU temperature? Perhaps the airflow isn't enough?
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Airflow can have a major impact -- some of your temps look fairly high, which is why I mentioned airflow.

And no, having a 'good' or 'bad' chip can be as simple as not being able to OC very much at all without hitting a thermal or stability ceiling. It's less common than just needing a voltage bump perhaps, but it's still not unheard of.

You've definitely got one temp that's wrong (TMPIN2). It's possible that your CPU temp is just reading wrong -- have you tried any other monitoring programs?

If you moved the cooler around a lot, it's possible you have bad contact with your thermal paste (or worse, air bubbles). If nothing else works, you could try reapplying it. I'd first try moving the case out into an area with a few inches clearance on each side, so that it can have unimpeded access to clear air.
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