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Wanted to give you guys a small update. I'm still working away at the mods, but I really only have weekends as spare time to do that sort of work, so progress is slow. But I have already cut the aluminum front and almost finished making the holes for the front panel connections. Pictures on that will be coming as I am farther along.
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Here's an update of what I've been doing with the front panel. I wanted to post this when it was all done, but progress has been going so slow so might as well keep you in the loop. This has been the work taking up two weekends, so as you can see I haven't been able to find much time to work on this part tongue.gif

The front acrylic panel has been in place for over a week now. While it's intended to provide support for the aluminum sheet, I'm starting to get attached to the clear transparent look biggrin.gif Although, it still looks quite unfinished as it is.

About a week ago, I started cutting the aluminum front.

The sheet will be bent around the middle hole, where the bottom tab will appear on the opposite side to give the bottom front a more clear look. That's where the Blu-Ray drive will sit behind.

I used the side panel as a template for drawing out the input holes for cutting

I attempted to cut the hole for the power button first. This one was a bit dodgy, because the cutting wheels were too big to get into it, so I drilled a pilot hole and used a router bit to dremel through, controlled just with my hand. That proved to be more unstable than I thought. It was easier to set the sheet vertically and route through the hole.

Hole viewed from the front. I still messed up, as there is a slight overcut on the bottom.

Viewed from the back. You can see why I was having trouble with the router bit, it was skipping all over the place! At least this side won't be visible at all.

I want to get done with these holes already this weekend, hopefully the rest will be easier to cut.
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I got some upgrades for both my desk and PC. First is the Xtrac Ripper XXL mouse mat. So long, Ikea mouse pad!

The glass top is annoying to clean as it picks up fingerprints and smudges so easily. This mat covers it almost perfectly from side to side.

And the PC upgrades, Primochill Advanced LRT tubing and the long-awaited Xeon processor!

The Celeron processor is for a dedicated mining rig. I bought both cheaper than their sticker prices- the Celeron cost me $39 and the Xeon was $199. Upgrading the i5 will be done together with the water tubing replacement.
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Thanks for the update!
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Earlier today, I finished cutting the holes for the power and I/O panel, and they are less than satisfactory:

I just can't manage to get the level of precision I want with just a rotary tool and drill. The smaller holes, for the LEDs were too round, and a few others were too oversized. I'm not sure if filing can save this. But I have a slight change of plans. I will cut out the part of the case's side panel that has the holes already pre-cut and screw it to the sheet.

I want to paint this area with some Rust-oleum chome paint so it stands out among the brushed aluminum. And if weather permits, I'll paint some other small parts tomorrow.
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Another week, another day cutting. Today was busier than usual, as I also took apart my water cooling loop. I decided to clear everything out in preparation for the new tubing and CPU install.

The Watts tubing after 1 1/2 months of use. The plasticizer is already visible. Yuck!

Everything's now taken apart. I'm saving the tubes to make it easier to cut the lengths of the new tubing.

Then I cut a hole in the top middle of the PSU bay for cable routing.

Another hole for the Blu-Ray drive slot.

This aluminum piece here used to be a PSU cable cover for the Mac Pro. It'll be used to cover the Blu-Ray drive and also support the pump and reservoir from underneath. I cut it at the side of the cable holder.

Here's a test with the Blu-Ray drive to see how it may be placed.

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I like the false bottom, I may do something like that myself to help hide my drives and cables.
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Originally Posted by M4ng03z View Post

I like the false bottom, I may do something like that myself to help hide my drives and cables.

I like it as well, in particular because it has a nicer feel and finish than the silver paint. I still need to cut a metal bracket to keep the blu-ray drive from moving around, and get some foam padding to absorb vibration from the drive and the pump.
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Sorry guys, Hackintosh Mini Pro project is being put on hold right now. I'm currently at a crossroads as to what to do with the case. I might be putting the components into something else, but stay posted for updates.
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Well, I decided that this build log will be put indefinitely on hold or more likely "done" for now. I will be putting my components in a smaller case, and it'll likely be custom built. So as I move on to a smaller case I'll be starting a new build log soon. It will be a true SFF case like the M1 or Compact Splash with around 15 L of volume and 360mm worth of rad space, I can say that much biggrin.gif I already have started designing and planning layouts for it.

It was a nice build with the Prodigy, though. It was my gateway into mini ITX builds and it sure won't be my last. Thanks to everyone that read the build log!
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