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[Mod/Build Log] Éowyn: A PowerMac G4 Mod (Picture Heavy)

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Alright, so this is my first Build Log and I am not sure if I am doing this correct or not. Up until now, it is not all complete with pictures and all, because I didn't think about doing a build log for it until like two weeks ago, but I do have pictures of the start of the mod, and now. Unfortunately I don’t have many from in between, that I know of. But, onto the story of the build and where I am so far!


I had a good old PowerMac G4 Quicksilver laying around that I had been using as a webserver machine until I decided to do something creative with it. It also happened that my Girlfriend is going into film school next year and I decided to use my PC Building abilities to make something nice for her. She also Hates Apple Computers, so it makes me laugh inside. Her favorite color is purple, and I decided to do a Purple and Black Themed Mod, and She decided to name the rig after her favorite Lord of the Rings Character, Éowyn. As you can tell, she is quite involved with the build for her.

My plans for components were using some parts that I have laying around, and some that I will need to get. I have already gotten most of the components up to this point. The only part that I have not gotten is the i7 3770k. Nonetheless here is the entire parts list:

Mobo: Asus P8Z77M-Pro
CPU: Intel i7 3770K
GPU: XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770
HDDs: 1 TB WD Black, a 640 GB Refurb WD Green, and any more drives I have Laying Around
SSD: Mushkin Chronos Enhanced 120 GB SSD
RAM: a Couple of Kingston Blue 4 GB modules that I have, plus a spare Low profile 8 GB Crucial Module
Power Supply: Corsair CX500M Modular Power Supply
Wifi Card: A Custom Made Wireless Card using an Apple Airport Extreme Card

Here are some pictures of what I have so far! Parts (Click to show)

Alright, I unfortunately did not take any before pictures, so I will show you a picture of what the case did look like before:

With this mod, I painted all of it, except for the power button, in which I kept the stock silver. Here are the pictures of me tearing everything down and painting the case and some of the parts individually.

Before I painted the bare aluminum case: Before (Click to show)

After I painted the aluminum case: After (Click to show)

Now onto painting the Plastic Case exterior. I know I have a lot more pictures of this, but I must have misplaced them, as I am not able to find them on any of my phones or cameras. I will post more if I find them. Plastic Parts (Click to show)

Alright, now the big gap in the picture timeline is putting the painted parts onto the case, and modding the motherboard area to fit the MATX board. I honestly do not know how I forgot to take pictures, and I regret it. That moment is gone now, and unfortunately it is lost. I am very sorry. Anyways, onto the pictures of the assembled case, with all the purple and black. Those pictures are below.

The Outside of the Case: Outside (Click to show)

A Few Interior Shots: Inside (Click to show)

Those are all the photos of the unit as a whole. Which is primarily the case, and I will post some more of the little mods that I have done for the front switch, and the speaker. I have also done a little painting of the PSU fan grill to purple, as pictured below:

Now onto the next part, which is sort of a deciding factor in terms of design, as I am waiting for income to purchase the last component, the processor. I had decided that it would look cool to sleeve the PSU cables. So, I had ordered a few different colors, three of which are from MDPC, and one from amazon.
I would like to find out what you guys think looks the best. As, when I got all the sleeving from MDPC, I showed them to my girlfriend which naturally (at least she says its instinct for most women) started braiding the sleeving, and showed me some ideas for the sleeving. I have never seen this before in modding, but it turned out pretty neat.
She had two different designs, one with three cables, and one with 4. At the moment we are just focused on sleeving the 24 pin ATX Connector.
Here is the braid with 3 cables:

This Setup would allow me to sleeve a total of 3 wires per braid, which means that we will be having 8 of these braids on the 24 pin connector.

Here is the braid with 4 cables:

This Setup is using 3 small sleeves and one large sleeve. This allows for 3 wires in the small sleeve, plus 5 wires in the large sleeve, cutting down the number of braids for the ATX connector down to only 3. Both she and I are interested in the opinions that you guys have of the two braids, and would very much appreciate it. Afterall, they both look pretty sweet! thumb.gif

I thank you all again for coming to check out my Build Log, and I hope you enjoy at least the rest of it all fall into place. It will take me a little bit of time to get the funds for the i7, but I will be updating with new pictures when I can of how it is going.

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I am reserving this Spot for Final Pictures when it is all Done.
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Looks sexy! thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by FredWitt View Post

Looks sexy! thumb.gif


Thanks! I have been working really hard on it so far!

The next thing that I will be posting is the cooling for the computer. I have the next couple days off of my classes, and I should be able to get a post up sometime then.

Edit: I also have corrected the orientation of the images.
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