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RASA CPU Block Modded into Northbridge

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Hello OCN'ers, smile.gif

I had this old XSPC Rasa cpu water block laying around, so due to the nature of the chipset water block choices being kinda poor, I convinced myself into modding the CPU Block to Fit on a my x58 motherboards Northbridge. biggrin.gif

I used the extra AMD bracket and drilled 6 new holes, 4 to screw in the block itself on a new angle and 2 on the sides to mount it on top the northbridge. I took the LGA775 plastic rear backplate / cpu cooler mounting rear bracket that came with it and hammered out the 4 threaded nuts. then I cut the Bracket into a square, And (messed up twice before I barely got the right mesurements.) drilled and heated the nuts back into their new position.

As I said I was very eager to see how it turned out and next time would probably spend some more time doing it right. But so far this one would hold up just fine. I will probably add some black silicon glue to ensure its stronger.

Due to nature of motherboard north bridge screw holes being smaller then the holes around the CPU, the bolt of the waterblock which are meant for the CPU, doesn't go all the way through and the part that screws up ends up tightening around the motherboard which worries me a bit, but due to the back plate and spring mounting mechanism I am hoping it evens it out as its a very strong fit.

Total Cost was $0, Zero. Just an Hour and some basic tools. No Extra Screws or anything needed, I was able to use the original OEM XSPC Nuts and Bolts with the spring retention mechanism with some larger washers to allow me to cover the larger holes and moving it a bit to make it straight. The mounting of the rear bracket was the hardest part. Otherwise it was painless and easy used hand tools so it wasn't that precise but still looks okay I guess, Good way to reuse a old water block,

Would appreciate some of your feedback. smile.gif


Edit: Added some more pics More Pics (Click to show)


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So, nobody saw this yet or found this interesting or helpful?
I was hoping to get some feedback and input from other water cooling guys. smile.gif
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