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I put in some config for a Rails application I've installed (Snorby) but one of the options doesn't work properly. But I cannot disable it now as whenever I make changes to the .yml file and restart Snorby, it completely ignores the changes.

I've tried:
  • stopping and restarting the Snorby daemon
  • rebooting the computer
  • manually clearing any Rails cache I can find
  • dropping the MySQL schema
  • deleting Snorby's source and then re-extracting the tar (copying over the amended config files)
  • and I've even purged Rails, bundler, etc from my Debian host and then installed it from scratch again

Nothing is working, it's still picking up the old config.

I'm really starting to lose my patience over this one so any help you guys have would be very welcome.

The install guides I've followed are these:
(the latter guide being a giant red herring as half the stuff in there is either outdated or doesn't work for Debian)
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