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I have been running my primary GPU since January and added a 2nd 660 Ti a few months ago. 99% of my experience has been good. I had absolutely no complaints until a few weeks ago. It started while playing a modded version of GTA IV. My driver would fail and then recover, then it started failing with no recovery. I would either have to restart doe to no video output, or because Windows would freeze during the recovery process. Since then it has started happening a bit more often. I have had the issue playing Dead Island and BF4 Beta as well.

I have tried updating as well as rolling back the GPU driver. I have tried versions 314.22, 320.49, 327.23, and 331.40(beta). I have done clean installs on each with no luck. I also swapped my GPUs around, using the newer of the 2 as the primary in the SLI setup. Any ideas?

it does seem that disabling SLI fixes the problem, although I have not ran it long enough to be completely convinced. Even still, that is no solution.