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After sanding your silicon tube if you want to slide the silicon tube through a complete length of acrylic tube ( Im using primo chill) get some fishing line and a long shank hook I used a drill bit and some tape to secure one end to the drill the other end add your hook slide the drill down inside your acrylic tube with the fishing line attached then put you small long shank fishing hook inside the hole of the silicon rubber hook into the silicon tube and the add your olive oil as a lubricant and slowly and gentle slide the silicon tube through the acrylic tube works every time . smile.gif
Not sure what been done before but if you try to push the silicon rubber through the acrylic tube it bunches up and nearly impossible to get it through a complete length of acrylic tube thumb.gifupsidedwnsmiley.gif < down under
I found once you use the silicon rubber a few times it shrinks any way but initially its a pain in the you know where
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