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Hello everybody im new at and a total newbie in anything related to Watercooling and OC.
Im running an Intel Core i7 920 at stock clocks(2.67ghz) and im in the need of extra performance due to some games (Battlefield series) demands high CPU specs so as my gtx 780. As far as i know the x58 its still powerful to keep up gaming just my clocks are to low.
I want to make an abicious OC to reach 4.0-4.2 ghz. However 3.8ghz would please me due to it is just for gaming.
First i dont know if its safe to put a water system inside my PC, its there any risks(leaks,corrosion)?
Second,as i want to reach 4.0 i was offered and recommended to go for a Corsair H100I. But there is no really price difference between this and the Corsair H110. What,s the difference between? i can buy both. Unfortunatelly the Noctua DH-14 its not available in my country and my air cooling desires are off.

To sum up, which shall i get, H100I or H110?? Are they good made? Risks and lifetime?