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Poda | Build 01 | A water cooled mini-q

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This is my first time doing a custom system. I have assembled a few, but never made it beautiful. Its time to try!

I love very clean and simple build. And I small build's. So I am doing my best to combine both.

I will be using a Lian Li PC-Q08


The theme will be stealth black with copper accent's.

Parts are chosen as needed. I have an idea of what I want but it changes alot tongue.gif

At the moment:

Intel 4670k
EK copper-plexi clean waterblocks.
Alpachool nexxos st30 120mm & 1400mm
Alphacool Dual DC-LT bay res
Alphacool copper barb fittings
Clear tubing
Silverstone SFX 450w psu

I have been playing with this build for a while now making very slow progress. So let me take you through where i am up to.

In the bay-res area will be the power control for the pumps and all the led's (home made).
I don't like the look of hose disappearing into a drive cage so i made a bracket that will be at the back with pass through's and also the mount for the circuit board.
I trimmed off all the tabs from the hdd racks and also the optical drive cover mount. I also filled all the unused mounting holes. (Sorry no before pics. i only just started taking a lot of photos).
I also made a custom face plate (Painted plastic is very ugly Alphacool!).










After finally figuring out all the fittings I needed i painted everything satin black.







And started the assembly








A few parts that are not used yet ( A bunch of bolts from mdpc-x as well, but no photos)








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looks good! subbed!
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Subbed. I love the colors.
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I have been making slow progress as I make, remake and change things to improve them. There has been a lot of back and forth on ideas. In the end I try to go back to my original ideas.
There a few parts in progress, but I don't like to post until there all finished because they often change.

So what has been happening?

Well i performed some surgery on the PSU

Before top

Before bottom

The insides!

Seperated top

Seperated bottom

I solder the old plug to the new Noiseblocker BS PRO

Top after paint, logo all filled in

Bottom after paint, fan grill cut away to increase air flow

Putting it back together

All done, top view

All done, bottom view

I didn't like the idea of bolting PSU -> bracket -> bracket -> case, so i made a new bracket to make it a bit cleaner

The next step was to get some cables done to finish of the bay res assembly (power cable, LED's and pump's) these will need to be plugged into the power boards before the assembly is mounted. It was also good to get most of the components into the case to check my clearances.

NB BS PRO 120mm and 140mm

Alphacool ST30 120mm and 140mm

The front quick release fan bracket (So you can get the dust filter out). Kind of useless with a radiator bolted to it.

As-rock Z87E-ITX

All crammed in

From another angle

I added a couple sections of the loop to get an idea of space and where i can run the cables.
The section from the top rad to the res intake will not work, it will be in the way of the CPU fittings. So it will be a 45 at the rad and a 45 at the backplate. I want to keep the use of fitting to a minimal and the tubing as "loopy" as possible.
There is also just 35mm clearing between the front rad to backplate section. So low profile ram will be perfect with a little bit of clearance.

I an also going back and forth on fittings. Originally I was going with black tubing, perhaps even sleeved to avoid any plastic (Copper acetyl blocks). However i have since changed my mind and I am going to use EK's copper clean acrylic blocks, and clear tubing, clear fluid, the clear res and a clear acrylic side panel. The decision I am going back forth on is tubing is barb's VS compression and 13mm OD tube VS 16mm OD tube.

Pro's and con's:

Barbs- I wanted that more old school look barbs give, also simplicity and more minimal. I don't like the look of the bold head on them.
Compression- Can be considered cleaner. Only has a round knurled area visible.

** I currently have 10mm/16mm compression fittings, not enough to finish but some. I also have 10mm/13mm clear tubing. It would be nice to some of these to save some money. But if another option is much better I will spend it.
** I played around with 10mm/16mm compression fittings on the black tubing I originally bought and to say there difficult to install is an understatement. Using something so difficult in such a small area, when I can only access it from one side could prove to be a major issue.

13mm OD - Easy, its smaller, and this build smaller is better
16mm OD - Less likely to kink, however there is only one section in the build where this may be a problem. And with some moulding it should not be a problem, it's only a 90 degree bend.

I am leaning towards 10mm/13mm compression setup. It will just a be a cleaner look.

Another problem is I cant get a copper 45 barb or compression fitting. Just an adapter. And i hate the idea of having fittings into a fitting.

Part of me want's to drop the copper them and replace the copper with nickel. Do everything else the same. It also means I can get better quality fitting's than Alphacool. I have not been impressed with the quality of the products I have recieved so far. I would rather use EK for everything.

Sorry for the rambling, Just sharing my thought's smile.gif
I look forward to your feedback and criticism smile.gifsmile.gif
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