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I have an iPad 2 and an iPad 3 (both 32GB) that are completely untouched. They were purchased (along with two more) with a colleague of mine for development testing but that never got off the ground. They literally were taken out of the box, turned on once and then never touched again. They each come with Apple Smart covers and chargers (still in their original plastic and unused). These things are PRISTINE! When I say they are untouched I mean it. There's not a scratch, scuff, or mark to be found on them anywhere. They are literally brand new iPads without the boxes. Thought about giving them as Christmas presents this year but the only people I'd give them to already have either an iPad or some other tablet so on sale they will go. Will take pictures later tonight just trying to get a sense of the market.

Btw the iPad 2 is running iOS 4.3.1 and the iPad 3 is running 5.1. Like I said they're untouched since they were bought but I have no problem updating them to iOS 7 for any interested parties.