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Hey guys, I'm new to overclocking but i've decided to attempt it on my old laptop. Though my knowledge is limited, i've been doing extensive research and the reason i've resorted to posting here is because I'm stumped. I'm also new to linux which is the only operating system on my computer currently.

What I have to work with:
Macbook 3.1 with Ubuntu 10.04 installed
1gb of ram
intel core 2 duo t7500 cpu @ 2.20GHz(x2)
factory motherboard.

I know this is an odd endevour and some of my research points to this being impossible. But I'm willing to try and prepared to face the consequences. Look for my post in the Intel CPU section.
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With Ubuntu it's a complete nogo, the only thing you could have used would have been something like setFSB which isn't supported.
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Are you familiar with c2ctl? Check out my thread to see how I've tried using it: http://www.overclock.net/t/1435172/is-this-possible-heres-what-ive-tried

Also, if Ubuntu is a poor choice, which Linux distro would you recommend for overclocking?
Thanks for your reply.
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