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So I'm after a handheld. Something to use during long boring days at uni and something that I can play with in bed (besides Mr Johnson wink.gif). I've read all about them and know enough about their pros and cons that I should be able to make a decision, unfortunately I still haven't.

I was originally planning on getting a Vita. Mostly because Vita games appeal to me more in general, and it's just a better piece of hardware in general. I also own a PS3 so I could stream games in bed. But then Pokemon X & Y come along and all of a sudden I want a 3DS. I've started looking at the XL and it seems to address alot of the problems I originally had with the standard 3DS. Namely the terrible small screen and general cheap feel. The problem with the 3DS is I'm struggling to find games that appeal to me besides Pokemon. On the other hand, Pokemon appeals to me far more than any Vita game. But the Vita has more games I'd like. And then there's PS Plus.

So, sell me! Give me your best Nintendo/Sony salesperson impressions and make me choose!