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Not a real audiophile, but I wanted something close. So I just received my Swan M50W's after waiting almost 2 years for them to be available again. The Audio Insider was the only place I knew to get them. Upgraded from Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 that are still going strong. Using them for my XBOX 360 now. Definitely a noticeable improvement in clarity. Especially vocals. And classical instruments sound much more clean and clear. But I usually listen to metal, rock type music. In that genre of music I noticed the vocals and guitars are more clear as far as hearing all the notes. Drums are even more clear. The bass I had to adjust the crossover to 90hz. At the default 80 it seemed lacking. This was done with Sound Blaster software as I'm running a Sound Blaster Z card.
As far as movies I don't really think there's a huge difference between these and the Klipsch. As far movies go I think to feel any real difference is to go for a full surround setup, which I'm not really looking for that right now.
If anyone has any other questions not answered here or in the other Swan reviews please feel free to ask.

Now that I've broken'em in for little bit. I must say they are sounding even better. One thing I noticed was a huge difference between the Swans my old Klipsch is that drums sound more live. If you're a drummer or you've watched youtube vids of drummers you know the sound of mic'd drums and live drums. You can hear much more acoustics with drums that I didn't really hear before. Especially if you listen to the drum tracks from the Guitar hero tracks of say Metallica. For the price I'd definitely recommed these for you music audiophiles out there with a $300 budget.
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