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So I game with my PS3 on my HP 2010i monitor. I'm using an HDMI to DVI cable to get video.

Recently, I've been noticing some red flashing spots in the background while gaming. The spots are tiny. It's like a bunch of ants flashing in the back of my screen. Not big enough to affect my gameplay at all but noticeable if my screen is dark or black.

Also, another thing that's been happening is that sometimes the screen will just go gray. Not completely gray but it's similar to say "static tv". It's like when your TV has no signal on a channel and it flashes gray and black dots in the background.

Any ideas what the issue might be and how I should fix it? I was thinking it was something with my monitor, but you see I have a PC connected via VGA to my monitor and the DVI-HDMI cable there at all times. When I switch to my PC's VGA connection there are no red flashing dots like with my PS3.

Lastly, am I allowed to post links on this forum? I could make a youtube video or something showing you guys exactly what it looks like.