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need help about 6670 ddr5

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i have searched many results in google to use both onboard (intel hd 4000) and my discrete graphics (6670 ddr5) simultaneously..
many reesults says.
1.BIOS>video>integrated graphics device> set to “always enable”
2.lucid virtu mvp
i used lucid virtu mvp but its horrible....it doesn't increase fps moreover it decreases fps for some games....so it doesn't work for me................
i tried first method..........
but there is no option in my bios to set onboard graphics to set always enable in my mobo (asrock z77 extreme4)
so i set primary graphics to onboard in north bridge settings in bios of my mobo........
but doing this i got a problem......i never get access to get in bios every startup.....i even tried 'restart to uefi' but doesn't work.......
i only get access to bios if i connect the moniter vga port to onboard graphics or i have to reinsert my discrete graphics card in pcie port so that the bios reset the settings-primary graphics to pcie...........

i know its a bit of common question.............but i never get any satisfying result........
so is there really any way to use both gpu at the same time??
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What are you hoping to gain?

If you want FPS or similar gains then it's not going to happen.
If you simply want more monitor outputs, that is the only situation worth pursuing here.
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so u r telling me that i can connect more monitor with same fps??
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