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I have the p8z68v-pro MB. This is a new/refurb RMA board I just received because my old board stopped functioning. I also swapped out my PSU with a new EVGA Supernova 1300w G2, so its probably not the psu, I figured I should start fresh just in case.

But anyways, all seems great, cpu is cool, gpu is running nice, getting 120mbps on the download.... but only after I restart.

For some reason my network adapter is not being detected when I turn my PC on from an off state. When I get to my lock screen the network symbol has a red X through it like I dont have a network adapter at all, its not the yellow exclamation point, but if I restart, the network adapter works 100% like it should. Do you guys think its a bad MB? I tried rolling back one version on the drivers but have the same issue. Im confused because Im typing this on the PC right now and my DL speeds are maxed out. If I shutdown and turn on, its the red X, if I restart then it works perfectly.

Any ideas? rolleyes.gif Thank you!