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I have a problem with my computer, asus m2n-x motherboard, AMD 4800+ and a Geforce 7100gs.

It gives me randomly freezes, restarts and blue screens.
The bsod don't make any sense to me because its every time a different error.
Often its nv4_mini.dll or nv4_mini.sys but lots of times its something else.

I looked at the vcore voltage and it is set to 1.4 but fluctuating from 1.280 to 1.600
When I set the multiplier to 12.5 it is worse, when set it to 10 then there is no problem at all and all runs fine.

I did try a different card, Geforce 8800 gts (asus) and the problem is the same.
Also the error is in xp, win7 and linux( well its not a bsod there tongue.gif)

Any ideas?

Personally I think it might be the psu because it is 350Watt but I only have a 300Watt here at the moment, I did try though and guess what....