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Bro's Basic Computer Build & Questions

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I was just about to post this in the Build Logs section, but like a good person, I read the rules, and my intention of this thread may not follow them corrently.

In a short break down my brother's laptop is struggling to play every game and even Minecraft - or maybe its just lag.
I have built 3 computer systems this year. I have a great knowledge of the building process and what my brother needs for the time being.

I am choosing these parts for a fairly decent system, to last for a number of years, even if it starts to struggle my parents will use it to replace theirs.
A basic computer, with enough to start off and well later on, maybe add in a decently priced GPU for his birthday in March next year. Or even a cheap SSD for quicker loading times.

Here are some links to the parts I have to buy from my local store and considering to use:

Total: $729 AUD - will need to buy a hdmi cable from eBay

Are the parts compatiable as in the motherboard will accept the high speed ram - which I've always wanted to see the differecne.
The motherboard will it into that case without any problems - just want to double check with someone
Overlcoking the CPU will it has any improvement on the Integrated Graphics LOL
We run a our computers on a WiFi connection, so what will be a good WiFi adapter to get - Centrecom Network Adapters

I have this one and its, doing alright but Im positive there is better: http://www.centrecom.com.au/tp-link-tl-wn781nd-150mbps-wireless-pci-express-adapter

What would be a great GPU to run most games if I had to get one persay under the $350 mark - Centrecom nVidia cards, simply do not want an AMD card
Yea so, it'll be a good build and will update the post and reply to people's thoughts and input when I can.

Extra Note's

I built a computer for my Aunty recently, as her's was the bare minimum to run their daughters games Sim3 or something Sims. So the Haswell Integrated graphics are good enough to run that game fairly well on her 1440x1### resolution monitor with whatever the settings were (low-Mid Im guessing)
And we're on a budget here, and brother isn't the most intelligent with computers as he is spoiled biggrin.gif
And it'll be an improvement from his laptop having hd3000 graphics I think....
His laptop really stuffed up and kept running some startup repair and just rebooted alot. SO I reinstalled a windows copy again. And updated/reinstalled the drivers and he's back playing his games.
COD black ops 2, minecraft mostly.
Strangely some of his games dont show up in steam even though they're in the same folder....anyway that's another issue to deal with for later or maybe start another thread for it smile.gif
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Why don't you want AMD cards? They wreck nvidia cards when it come to price to performance ratio right now. You can get 7970 or 280x for 300$ when the gtx 770 450$
They don't have any less or more issues than nvidia cards these days, so the bad drivers thing is a thing of the past.

Ok but into your questions. All the parts go well together, and due to haswells powerful memory controller, you will likely get high ram speeds, it wont bring you much of an benefit tho when it comes to gaming, but sure it's a nice thing to have rolleyes.gif
CPU overclocking should be a breeze with z87 systems and that CPU. What will you use for CPU cooling btw?

The choices of PSUs in that store are very limited, and i couldn't find a single good one except for corsair ones (I know, OEM only matters), but they are overpriced. Are there other stores you could buy from? PSU is the most important part of the build to me, with a crappy PSU you can easily destroy your entire system or wear it off fast, and anyone who knows about PC hardware agrees.
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I know AMD cards destroy nVidia in price, but I gues I just want nVidia cards like I want Intel CPU's...but I hear what your saying.
Oh god yea their PSU's are ridiculous but, 4th computer Im buying from them, and well...there's nowhere else I'd liek to go and it'll pretty much be the same price - must be a Australian disadavantage lol.

Will the high speed ram, make a possible differnce in the booting time or loading some programs at all? Not including video editiong programs, I already know they help a bit.
And the past hour I've been reading up on high speed ram...but not much benifiet or convincing to spend the extra $$$ from $88 2x4GB kingston ram 16000mhz

Won't be overlcoking straight away, and never have yet. Not much point unless the GPU ever needs soem help.

I haven't OC'd my i7 3770k with my gtx660ti 2gb oc yet....don't see why I should wheneverythings running fine
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There's a very informative video about ram speeds. I wouldn't recommend going for faster ram if you are on a budget. Ram wont effect boot times. If you want faster boot buy a small ssd for the OS, 30-60gb goes cheap these days. i would rather save on the RAM and buy a better GPU or psu or something else.

You should not skimp on the PSU, if you are going to order that cable from ebay you could grab the PSU too from there. How would that sound?
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