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Stress testing Haswell CPU (4770K) with Prime 95....

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I tried it today for about 10 minutes and my temps started reaching a high of 90C or 94C on some cores so I turned it off....

The thing that boggles my imagination is that when I initially purchased my haswell CPU (4770K) I used AIDA64 because everything I read said that prime 95 had *NOT* been validated for Haswell CPUs at the time (I assumed by now, October 2013 , that had been validated)

While running AIDA64, my temps were 65-79C on max....

HOW is there such a difference in temps between programs and do you guys think there could be any damage done using prime95 to stress test Haswell?

I have my CPU overclocked to 4.5GHz and a 1.260Vcore using the FIXED option. *I heard that using adaptive could overvolt the CPU when using things like prime95 and that's how people destroy their CPU
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prime95 will get you higher temperature compare to AIDA64, But Just paid attention to the temperatures. If you don't go over 88 i think for a long time u be cool. 1.26vcore @4.5ghz sound normal. what is your vrin ? I thing too high will cause heat problem. I am able to do 1.15v <= 4.7GHZ. I don't think people will ever run their pc like prime95 unless you do video encoding. or like what i do. I export a lot of pictures from light room for wedding shot. I do about 1k-3k images. When i export image, Any crash or overheat is not stable. I stressed mine for 24hr with AIDA64 while watching movie time to time. No crash or blue screen. well control temp too @ 79 max @ 4.7ghz ... I don't prime it because i am worry about the temperature. I would think AIDA64 makes for sense for the haswell chip.
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What version of prime are you using?
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I was doing some tests yesterday with Prime95 and got similar temps with my haswell. I haven't tried Aida yet though cuz I'm saving the trial for when I'm ready to oc. I'm at stock speeds too with h100i.
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