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Oops where you can't see them sorry.
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Update on the look on my Stacker, pardon the lighting.
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Looks very nice!
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@vaeron looking good.
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Thanks guys, has our dear Cooler Master rep given us any clue as to upcoming releases of aftermarket accessories?

EDIT - also, painted the top too. Might redo it soon to clean up some of the edges.
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Holy **** balls..i finally finished reading all the information going from page 1!
Some very good info in there for the people coming late to the game (me)..

I'm loving what you have done to your rig Lostboy! It looks really good.
I would love to go down the same route as you with the radiators and stuff but will only start with the top modular piece for now.

Can you tell me what radiators you used, what mods you had to do to the upper case to fit them in, and how much the modifications cost (the modded side panels minus changing your mind due to bad material/noise choice of aluminium tongue.gif)

Tell me all mwhahaha

Also how is the aftermarket side of things looking through CM? Any updates?

Basically i want to run just the top modular piece with 2 x 480mm radiators (Not sure what the final verdict was on fan configuration) but the only thing i have purchased so far is 4 x corsair sp120 performance edition fans. I was going to use them as all the radiator fans (Someone please tell me if i should re-sell them on eBay and utilise a different type of fan..got them because of their 3 static pressure)

Thanks everyone! All of your build are super unique...love it.

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First off Alphacoll 4.120 45 mm rads were used because of their length was perfect and they are a great radiator. http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14988/ex-rad-342/Alphacool_NexXxoS_XT45_Full_Copper_Quad_120mm_Radiator.html?tl=g30c95s570
To make the top 915f to do what I wanted by meaning to push the air out the top first had to make a base so the air would not go downstairs. Fitted plexi to the bottom then a center barrier so the fans were not fighting each other simple plastic here. I used acetal blocks to hold that down (since it threads nicely) and used small "L" brackets to mount the radiators to that. Aluminum was a problem getting it powder coated to match the case (also the holes were to small causing breathing issues) so steel was used it was easy to match the color. Cost I'm guessing 2 rads 220$ good plexi 20$ sides and paint 30$ screws bracketts another 30$.
Glad you like it anything else just ask.
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Any chance you could take a pic and label the airflow and point to where the bits and pieces are like your previous posts?
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Here you go

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Wait so what is the divider for inbetween your rads? Arn't they both intakes anyway so all the hot air will come into the centre and get sucked out the exhaust ? (Is that your single fan exhaust on top? I don't understand how the airflow will be fighting each other thus i don't see the need for the plastic plexi in the middle of the two. All airflow will get sucked regardless of whether you have the barrier (Possibly the barrier would make it more of a resistance to each rad?)
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