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Have not compared Sensei versions but EC1/2 and Deathadder. On the glossy my hand sticking very good. On the rubber coating I need to use very much force with the fingers to lift which get my hand hurt and almost cramp after a shorter gaming session. So if you got dry hands like me I reccomend glossy. I can imagine people who sweat get good grip on rubber coating but it´s just to slippery for me.
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Dry hand: Glossy
Sweaty hand: Rubberized
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I would recommend neither. I've had two Steelseries Mice:

- The Diablo 3 mouse, their proto Sensei Raw Rubberized
- Sensei Raw Rubberized

Both of them broke down within half a year from buying, with the same issue: reconnecting every few minutes. Probably something to do with the extremely stiff braiding on the cables, which concentrated bending on the folds from packaging that were still in there after months.

Loved the Sensei shape and the rubberized feel, even though I have pretty dry hands. Using finger grip on hi-sense, I hardly lift my mice though. I've had problems with other rubberized mice; The Roccat Kone Pure Optical felt like holding onto a ferret in a silk kimono while wearing satin gloves. Not so with the Sensei Raw Rubberized.

However, no more Steelseries for me if they keep breaking down in half a year. In the end I settled with the CM Storm Recon, which is a pretty competitive mouse to the Sensei :

+ Better sensor
+ Configurable LOD (with latest firmware)
+ Onboard profiles / processor
+ 3 multicolor leds (wheel, DPI buttons, logo)
+ More flexible cable
+ 15€ less than the Sensei Raw

o Nice ambidextrous multigrip shape much like the Sensei
o Comparable feel on the rubber coating
o Same button placement

- Higher in the back
- 20 g heavier
- Less intuitive software
- Hardcoded DPI steps 800/1600/3200/4000
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Originally Posted by TheSteel View Post

Dry hand: Glossy
Sweaty hand: Rubberized

Normal hands: SOL.
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