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Hello Everyone,
I am looking at building my first water cooled build (other than the H60 I have installed). Currently I have a GTX480 with an Accelero Extreme Plus II air cooled but I purchased 2 GTX 480 Hydro-copper FTW's. Yes, I know I should of bought a single GTX 680 or better! I only paid $300 for both. I will run 2-way SLI (not use the reference card with the Accelero). H220 to be delivered tomorrow.

I have a few questions and would appreciate every ones input:

1. Has anyone put a second 2 x 120mm radiator in the front of the 500R where the 2 fans are currently? It appears I would have to use the dremel to cut out the upper drive bay sheet metal bottom to increase the opening. I could then put the top of the radiator there, with the connections coming out of the bay? I saw something like this done on the Australia overclockers forum "Corsair Carbide 500R Watercooled Build Log". I could not post to that forum though.

2. If I decide this would be to difficult, would adding a single 120mm radiator be enough (with the heat of the GTX 480's)?

3. Do you think the H220 will be enough of a pump? Swiftech did run an SLI setup with it but not GTX 480's.

4. More of a comment than a question. I was shocked that after purchasing the H220 and the 2 GTX 480 HC I still will have to spend another $180 plus dollars to just get tubing, fittings, Swiftech MCR220-XP radiator, 2x Noctua NF-F12 fans, etc. I still have to order these.

Thank you for the help and comments.
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