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First let me apologize if this is under a different title already somewhere in the forum but I could not find any help or already solved cases similar to mine after 4 hours of searching.

I have an HP Envy M6 that has the Trinity AMD A10 4600m CPU and I am very sad to say that no matter what I do it still runs at 200 - 230'F at 30% - 80% CPU usage. I took the entire laptop apart all the way down to the motherboard, cleaned off all the factory TIM, every speck of dust (there wasn't barely any), took the junk thermal pad off the GPU, replaced the thermal pad with a 1/4 of the size new one along with a copper shim.

I lapped the CPU, shim, and the entire cooling arm using 2000 grit sandpaper and water droplet method making everything 99.9% flat and fit perfect. Lastly I put TIM / MX4 thermal paste down and then properly seated the cooling arm so there were no bubbles. After putting the laptop back together and turning it on, all that work and all it did was drop the temperature down to 190'F at idle!

So after doing research I found this is a common issue with these trinity processors and the only way to pretty much get them to cool down to a normal temperature is to under volt them. I followed a couple You tube videos and gave an AMD program called PSTATE or something similar to that where I kept going back and forth dropping the voltage .005 , then run the laptop at 100% usage with prime 95. the idea is to keep going down with the voltage until the laptop blue screens, write that number down and move onto the next core. After finding the number for each core you’re supposed to minus 2 to be safe, set all four cores to the "almost blue screen" amount minus two and save. Well every time I would do this the laptop blue screens over and over.

Sorry if that was hard to understand but I was wondering if anyone had a better method, or more proven method? Possibly unlock my BIOS and change it in there? I need to figure this out or this laptop won't last long... frown.gif Thanks in advance for any input... Please feel free to send me a message / private message. I will gladly give out my email for more direct help if needed. Another thing I was thinking about it maybe one of the experts in here could maybe show me how to unlock the BIOS in my HP ENVY M6 because maybe there is possibly a CPU V Core adjustment in there to turn down to take care of this massive heat problem...