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its not a downclocking issue but the card actually overboosts about ~30mhz higher than what I have the core clock bumped up to and this is causing driver crashes.

i have +40 on the core and +500 on the mem. both cards are supposed to run at 1250mhz, the card that overboosts goes up to 1280mhz (and thats when drivers start crashing).
this happens when the card is enabled in SLI and when its running on its own (and i have the OC enabled).

so i guess i just have to bump the core clock on this card down to get it to run at 1250 and i should be good right?
is there a way to have SLI enabled and clock both cards independently of eachother so I have a 1250 boost on both of them instead of dropping it down and say get 1250 on the overboosted but lose 30mhz on the card that didnt overboost?

both cards are EVGA SC ACX GTX 760's. using the current WHQL drivers as of 10/21/13.
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