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ok after reading up on stuff for ages now, I can't really find a solution to my problem, so I try to post here and hopefully somebody can help me.

so here is my setup:
CPU Intel i5 3570k
MB: Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V
RAM 2x 4GB A-DATA AX3U1600GC4G9-2G, Game-Series
Windows 7 64bit

I am having issues with my DDR3 RAM, either I have bluescreens with various memory related messages or I am having frequent (random?) "APPCRASH" of various applications (incl. microsoft ones, like explorer, windows services ect.).

I am doing troubleshooting for weeks now and the issue must be related to the Memory in some way. So I played around with timings and voltages, but it doesn't seem to change much of my problem.
It must be hardware related, bc I ruled out everything else, I did a fresh install of Windows on a empty harddrive, updated BIOS and set to default before doing anything.

So here is my actual question, I can even really categorize my memory. It says it's supposed to be DDR3 1600G memory and the advertised specs are 9-9-9-24 @800mhz, @1.5V , which is also the included XMP Profile. But when I activate said profile in BIOS the described problems above become more frequent. When I set the setting to "auto" it clocks at 665mhz and timings are unchanged, which seems more stable (at least bluescreens are gone) but APPCRASH still happens. So apparently my MOBO can't stably run the XMP or the AUTO profile.

So if I were to loosen timings to get a stable system, what would you recommend? CPU-Z confused me, bc it says max. bandwith is 667mhz and it also says it's PC3-10700 memory.. shouldn't it be PC3-12800 considering the XMP profile and advertised specs? Have I bought DDR3-1333 memory that is overclocked by default? And why is tRAS so low? I've read it should always be at least CL+tRCD+tRP, but the "default" specs from the manufacturer are contrary to that.

Also worth to mention: the system runs perfectly stable with just one RAM stick. As soon as I put in the second one the problems begin (no matter which channel). And memtest runs 14passes without any errors btw.

here are 2 screens of what CPU-Z shows.