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A few months ago a bought myself a lovely Phantom 630 in matte black, it was up and running for a couple of weeks I then got the mod bug, and decided to strip her down and begin. The problem came when I left a friend loose with the dremel whilst I popped out for an appointment, big mistake long story short he ballsed it up good and proper. So since then it has been in it's box in my shed, that is until today.

The way my desk is my pc needs top be on my left so it ideally needs to be reverse atx. Whilst you can buy them in reverse the offerings available aren't suitable, or have a heavy price tag. So I thought I have seen Phantoms and 810's been moded into reverse I will have a go. I am suprised it was so simple, I only had to take off the top and remove the back panel and hard drive tray. So after 20 mins or so it was stripped and put back together, just for now until I buy my paint and strip my Define Xl to size up where everything is going to be in the Phantom.

Here are a few pics of the previous incarnation before the perminant change to some combination of black and yellow.