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Okay so I overclocked my CPU yesterday,
Following this guide:
MoBo: Gigabyte: EP45-DS3L
I overclock my CPU (Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz) to 3.4 ghz with these settings:
I ran Prime95 for about 10 hours I got max 60c.but without Prime I get max 45c.
Disabled:CPUID, No-Execute Memory Protect, C1E, CPU TM2, EIST. (Couldn't find C2 or C2E)

Graphics Booster: Auto
CPU Clock Ratio: 8X
Fine CPU Clock Ratio: +0.5
CPU Host Clock Control: Enabled
CPU Host MHz: 425 MHz (3.4GHz)
PCIe: 100
C.I.A.2: Disabled

DRAM Performance Enhance: Standard
XMP: Couldn't find it.
MCH Latch: Auto
Memory Multi: (Took the lowest one it said: 800 900)
DRAM Timing: Manual

(One of them I couldn't put the exact number so I put the one lowest and closest)
LLC: Couldn't find it
CPU Vcore: 1.3625v
CPU Term: 1.34v
CPU PPL: Couldn't find it
CPU Ref: .873
MCH: 1.36v
MCH Ref: .888v
MCH/DRAM Ref: 1.03v
ICH I/O: 1.5v
ICH Core: 1.1v
DRAM: 2.20v
DRAM Term: Coudn't find it
Channel A/B: Couldn't find it

My question is do I have to change something or is it good? Or can I get more GHz's?