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Aquacomputer's Kyroconnect

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Has anyone used it? The directions aren't exactly the easiest to make sense of.

I'm connecting 4 cards and not exactly sure which holes to plug or not to plug. I'm guessing I'll figure it out
but a better diagram sure would have been nice smile.gif

Anyone have experience with it or a similar product? I'm not exactly sure how I would do a semi-parallel

Here is the product

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Quick and dirty biggrin.gif

Please ignore the red rings and arrow. I took that photo from the manual.


1.) Water enters the adapter but can not make its way any further inside because you can screw in a headless screw to adjust how the water floes through the adapter.

2.) Since the opening on the side is the only one available the water will flow through the first water block now.

3.) At the other side of the block the water will enter the adapter again.

4.) Once again the only available option for the water is to run down in the channel...

5.) ...and to enter the second block.

6.) Back again in the adapter it will escape the whole setup here...

7.) ...because of the headless screw it can not move any further into the other direction.

So that as the basic how it works. If you want to do that with four card you will let the water move in a zick-zack way through the adapter which means you would also screw in the headless screw in a zick-zack pattern between(!) the openings for the blocks. Just image how the water would move and you get the idea.

For a parallel setup you would leave out the headless screws completely. The water just comes into the adapter and will enter all water blocks at the same time on one side and will also escape all together on the other side.
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Thanks for the reply and illustration. That's exactly how I did it last night before I went to sleep. I should have removed my post but
at least it will be here for others.

Is this method that I did considered the best for cooling all 4 cards or do you suggest some sort of parallel or semi parallel setup?

Concerning a parallel setup:
I'm having a hard time picturing how I would leave out all the headless screws and the water would flow correctly. It seems it's just going to
jam itself all up inside and eventually come out the bottom. However, on the other setup (the one I did and you illustrated) it seems that the water would
be a little bit hotter after it goes through each block and that the temperatures on the 4th card would be much different than those of the first?

Edit: I just removed all the headless screws and made sure that the Kyroconnect had the water going in the left side and when it exits it goes out the bottom right side. Pretty simple, I just like to make things hard smile.gif
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I ended up going parallel like discussed above but I have a problem with the Aqua Computer KyroConnect keeping my last card cool.

My last issue before this system is completed and I can do some overclocking is for some reason my 4th card is running twice as hot as my first 3 when running Heaven Benchmark. They are all getting the same voltage and running at the same MHz. But that card is at 70c while the other 3 are at 30c. I even switched wiring around to make sure it wasn't getting too much juice or something weird.

I'm guessing it's this cooling block configuration that's not right. It's great on the first 3 cards but the water isn't cycling right in the last card for some reason.

What do you suggest?

I included a picture of how it's setup.

No plugs in it at all. Water comes down the left side and goes out the right
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Mhh, the only thing that I can think of is that the first blocks get most of the water so their output on the other side is also higher. Because of the lower pressure at the last block some water from the other blocks might be pushed back to the outlet of the last block so it gets a bad overall flow rate. But that is just only an idea - I can not tell if this is the real reason.

Let us assume it would be the problem. You can use just one headless screw to use a 2x2 setup:

Make sure to move the fitting to the other side with this kind of setup!
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