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G.Skill...RAM or RMA?

Poll Results: Am I getting all my RAM installed?

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Okay so I sent in my ram for RMA because the admin over at G.Skill forum didnt think I was being allocated all the RAM I had installed.
Can someone confirm that I am or am not getting all my allocated RAM with the following pictures and links?

Here is my New offical help thread on the G.skill forum. You can respond with your answers here.
The new thread also has a link to my first one before i sent in for RMA.


Thanks overclock guys. If there is anywhere else I can post this let me know I just want to get AS MUCH info as I can about this.
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looks good... did you try memtest yet?

it would show in windows task usage if you weren't able to access it, I had that issue.
you can try super pi to check if its stable as well
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Thanks for the reply, every time i do a system mem test it checks out.
Now whatsahoosle that other proggy youre talking about?
up up and away:thumb:thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif
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