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Hi, I'm having an issue with my crossfire 7950's. In most of my games hovering over NPC or enemies with the mouse causes some fps drops and stuttering.
It is most apparent in Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn, when i'm in combat my fps in dropping and stuttering like crazy almost feels like i'm playing at 15 fps
even though it probably only drops to about 40 fps on my fps counter when it sutters. This problem is also apparent in Diablo 3 when looking into the stash
my fps drops to about 50 or when i move my mouse quickly over an NPC. (this is when vertical sync is on, with vsync off I get like 250 fps in the same spot lol).
I can replicate the same fps loss problem when i move my mouse quickly over an NPC in World of Warcraft as well the fps dives down to about 40.

I have found a half solution to the issue at least in World of Warcraft and that is to disable hardware cursor and it completely goes away. Although i get some annoying
mouse input lag when i do this. I don't know how to completely disable hardware cursor in windows 7 to fix issue and some games like Path of Exile don't seem to suffer at all from the mouse cursor stuttering. Another solution of course, is just to disable crossfire, (each card runs the games fine on their own) but that's not a very good solution.

I have tried all the troubleshooting that i can think of to resolve this issue such as trying 3 different mice, making sure bios and chipset drivers are up to date, disabling hyperthreading, disabling UPLS, underclocking, overclocking, playing with mouse acceleration and browsing various forums for anyone else with this issue. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to computers and troubleshooting, but at this point i'm throwing in the towel and hoping that someone else might know what's going on and offer a fix for the issue besides just selling one of them on Ebay.

My system-
I7 3770
7950x2 One Gigabyte, One Sapphire
8 GB 1600 Mushkin
850w Raidmax 80+ GOLD