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I have an Intel 3770k and Im using a Corsair H100i for cooling. Everthing went well after i finished building my Rig 3 months ago, but all of a sudden i started to get bad temps while playing. I really dont play super intense games, i usually just play Dota 2, watch some HD movies, play some crysis 2 on my Rig. I just recently replaced the thermal paste of the H100i with the Arctic Silver MX4 Thermal Paste. Everything went better than i expected until 4 days ago. I was having 70 degree Celsius while playing Dota 2. And this morning while I was trying to transfer a video to my phone, the temps went nuts again which is weird. The Temps went up to 71 Degree Celsius! That was the first time that I have seen the temps go up so high while transferring a 1gb file. I dont have any applications opened that time except for 2 windows explorer window. I didn't do any tweaking for overclocking when I build my rig so I am kinda confused right now.

(For some reason, while i was trying to upload a screenshot of the temps that I was getting while playing, Im getting an error saying "AJAX response unable to be parsed as valid JSON object." message or something.)

But here is the temp reading on the Core Temp software.

TJ max. : 105 Degree Celsius
Power : 17.9 Watts
Core 0 : 90 Degree Celsius
Core 1 : 91 Degree Celsius
Core 2 : 87 Degree Celsius
Core 3 : 89 Degree Celsius

Here is my Rig Specs:
Intel Core 3770k
Corsair H100i (Push Config)
Evga Gtx 680
Corsair AX 750
Asus P8Z77 i Deluxe

And i just recently changed my case from bitfenix prodigy to Corsair Obsidian 350D.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!