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Hi I am looking to get some suggestions of how to mount fans.

I have a Prodigy M from bitfenix.

In the top I have an H100i
bottom 2x Noctua nf-s12 fans (random found them in my box o' stuff) (120 mm)
rear bitfenix stock fan (120mm i believe)
Power supply will exhaust out the bottom

since the motherboard is inverted my graphics card (sapphire 6950) is right next to the H100i.

my question is, which fans should be intakes and which ones should exhaust?

if the h100i fans (stock) are exhausting are out, they are spinning in the opposite direction of the graphics card fan and are pushing hot graphics card air though the radiator.

please help me, I really appreciate it!

let me know what other information would be helpful smile.gif