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Moob ep45-ud3r
Kingston pc6400 c 5 5-5-5-18 set to 5-5-5-15
memory multi 2.00d
cpu vcore 1.4500 in bios
cpu pll 1.5
mch vcore 1.240
dram voltage 1.920 default 1.8
pcie express 100
everything else on auto

ibt test on high setting 10 passes stable at 3.6ghz havent ran prime blend yet. Vcore seems way to high for me only way got it stable. any help with anything else i can raise or lower would be helpful

cpuid hardware monitor
vcore value 1.424
under load stayed mostly at 1.344
cpu temp max 68c
core 0 66c
core 1 65c
core 2 65c
core 3 65c
system temp which i believe is nb max 38c
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