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People who mod should not blame the game for having "issues". The game is near flawless without mods. And with the bazillion mods I use, it very rarely crashes.

I wouldn't exactly say that. Even vanilla game has problems. There's a bug that causes characters to go out of sync with their audio in the 1.9 patch.
Also quests sometimes bug out too. The characters don't do what they're supposed to do. I had to use the console to move Serana's mom to the place she's supposed to go in Dawngaurd, and for the Thieve's Guild quest (the Nightingale initiation), Karliah bugs out sometimes when she's supposed to pull the chain to open the gate to the cave. Instead she just walks back to Riften.
The game is still buggy even with the latest patch and the unofficial patches. This was before I started using script mods that subsequently led to me losing my progress.

But I'm not blaming the game for what happened. I had no idea that the scripts were embedded in the saves until doing more research. I modded Oblivion, and never really had any problems (apart from load order that was solved with BOSS). I blame myself, and I definitely learned my lesson. Most of the mods I were using anyway were texture mods and like 2 armor mods and 1 weapons pack. The other mods were scripts like Amazing Follower Tweaks and Moonlight Tales.