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Hey guys,

I've had this PSU almost 2 years now and it's been great since. I turned my computer on the other day and heard a strange buzzing sound. I disregarded it for a few days, but it has gotten to a point where I have to adress it.

I narrowed the noise down to the PSU, so after I turned off my computer, I flipped the switch on the back to off. The sound is faint, but still there. I disconnect the cord, then it's gone. I tried plugging it into a different outlet, and still get the same noise.

It sounds exactly like a buzzing wire, only that it's really loud. Don't know what this could mean, but should I RMA?

Also to anyone that has RMA'd through Corsair before, am I receiving the exact same model, but refurbished? Do I have to take all the cables out and send it with the power supply? They're currently closed so I can't ask.

Oh, and I suppose the biggest question is, should I not use the computer? Not sure if this is a sign of PSU failure, but after a turn off my computer, my speakers make this really weird almost 8-bit sounding noise. I have a sound card and it never has done that before.

Thank you!
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