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Hey all,

I'm basically looking to add some more memory to a pc I have here at home and I am not 100% up to speed with how the original i7's work with Triple Channel Ram (I went straight up to a ivybridge from a old core2duo.

The machines specs are a

i7 920
GTX 660 Ti

Its primary use is a gaming rig mainly for World of Warcraft, We're on a bit of a budget for it, and SSD it on the way, although I know most gaming boosts will simply be loading screens etc Not massive gains when actually playing.

The RAM is currently x4 1GB sticks so thats screwing around a bit, I've been looking at some Crucial 12GB sets for around £50 which are basically

1333mhz with a CAS of 9
1600mhz with a CAS of 11

I'm basically stuck at whats a better selection. Some of the more obvious sets of Triple Channel kits are alot more expensive, and as mentioned we're at a bit of a budget. I might try a hand at overclocking but that'd involve upgrading from the stock heat-sink which would be more cash.

Any advice or recommendation of kit (we're in the UK it seems harder to source Triple channel cheap kits than say newegg)