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Zowie Am-FG microswitches

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Hi guys,
I am planning to replace my zowie am-fgs huano switches(mouse1&2) with some omrons.
But i dont very much about switches, so i have some questions.

Does anyone know the switch model of the am or the exact size?
Would the Omron D2FC-F-7N fit?
Are there any important differences between the different omron models?

Thanks in advance
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yes i believe there are two D2FC-F-7N models.
one rated for 10 million clicks and another rated for 20 million.

im pretty sure they fit in the AM although I have not done this sort of mod myself before (i like the huanos for fps on my fk), i'm sure a more experienced member can post something more enlightening for you.

at least you can start shopping for the swtiches, i'd say grab the 20M's.
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there are actually 3 models of that switch. the regular, which is rated 5million clicks, then 2 models which have the surname 10m and 20m (million clicks durability). maybe custom versions I dont know of.

And I would advice you go for the regular (5million) one, as it seems to be the most well balanced one out of these wink.gif and noone needs 20 million clicks. that would take 3-4 years.
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