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Vram quick question

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Hi guys, I have the build seen in my sig and I am planning to buy one more gtx680 2gb.

I am running at 60hz 1900x1200. I am not currently hitting the vram limit but would I hit the limit if I sli'd the other gtx680? I am mainly thinking bf4, the new witcher, etc here...

In other words, is 2gb of vram enough for 1900x1200 full ultra settings on 680 sli?
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I dont believe the Vram on the second card gets used at all. you'll only have 2GB with two cores
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Yes you are right, I understand that. My question has to do with whether I will hit the 2gb limit with the upcoming releases before my FPS becomes unplayable...
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You will be just fine with another GeForce GTX 680 2GB and be just fine playing BF4 at that resolution. You may, on occasion, hit your 2GB VRAM but it won't effect your gameplay much with your SLI setup.
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I did some more digging and it appears that even a single gpu would hit 2gb vram on 1200 and I have two "sources" that indicate that BF4 would be higher:


So, in summary, just like BYOGamingPC suggested, Vram might surpass 2gb even with some of the eye candy turned off.
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