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[Socket P] AOpen i45GMt-HD with T8100 ?

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Hello everyone,
I'm thinking to turn my old Sony Vaio VGN-NR21 into a tiny all-in-one desktop pc - prob building a case from 0 with plexiglass.
Sony's mother board is gone and can't find a proper replacement, the battery is dead, same as the dvd drive since a long time.

Apparently the AOpen i45GMt-HD has all the features I need (lvds with inverter, mini pci, DC-in, ddr2-667) but,
the T8100 isn't listed in the supported cpu list although the mother board supports other and faster/slower cpus with the same or different fsb and equal socket.

Could have they simply omitted it ?

AOpen's features:

AOpen's supported cpu list:


T8100 on cpu world:
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It should work. The only real differences between the CPUs supported and yours are clock speed and amount of active cache. The chips are otherwise identical, and in my experience Aopen's Laptop-on-desktop boards are a bit forgiving about what you put in them. I myself have the i855gmem-lfs which hails all the way back to pentium M, and it has accepted every pentium M based CPU ive put in it and allowed me to do an impressive bit of overclocking (no bios vcore control, all manual pinmodding) on it.

Basically, give it a go and see what happens.
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Thank you very much for your reply Cyrious.

I'm thinking about it because I don't have this board yet, online I've found it for 70+47$ but I've noticed there are newer and cheaper solutions with the cpu included; the only problem is that many don't have all the features I was looking for, probably I will need a pico psu, an additional board for the screen which needs lvds and inverter, and ddr3.
So still looking and trying to do some sums smile.gif
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