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I was discussing this in another thread but thought I would jump over here to get some more opinions before I move forward.
Draining and redoing my loop is no fun.

I just finished building my computer with 4 Titans. Nothing is overclocked yet and I was running Heaven Benchmark and I noticed that my last card is running at 70 degrees c while the top 3 cards are going no higher than 30 degrees.

I originally thought of cooling one card at a time and heading down through the connecting block but figured each card would be a bit hotter than the one above it. The representative suggested flooding down one side and letting it all go through the cards at once and then exit the right side (this is the current setup I'm using with the hot 4th card)

Here is a picture of my current setup

His next suggestion was a 2x2 setup... any thoughts?

And here is a diagram of the next suggested setup

Obviously it's no fun draining loops and doing this all over again so I'm hoping some of you have already done this type of trouble shooting.

thank for any help